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Ed Van Wicklen - Till the End
Ed Van Wicklen - Till the End
Released in May 3, 2013; Ed's 2nd Full Length CD
Recorded at Ed's private studio

Ed Van Wicklen plays all instruments with the exception of the following guests on several tracks:  Dave SanSoucie (Mandolin), Dan Conway (Bass), Kayla Ketrick (Backup Vocals), Wes Bolton (Chewy), Anonymous Sasquatch ("Hey Eddie"), "Cosmic Carl" Baer Schwartzman (Djembe)

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  1. The Signs are There
  2. Natural High
  3. Till the End
  4. Sweet Desiree
  5. Live for Today
  6. Why
  7. Lunacy
  8. Step Out and See the View
  9. Government Blues
  10. Free to Run
  11. Time to Go